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Up-to-Date Insights

Our tax data offers valuable insights beyond verification, such as revenue benchmarks and payroll tax payment validation. We help you simplify underwriting by providing in-depth tax data for a better understanding of a company's financial health. This leads to more accurate risk evaluation and informed decisions about business customers.


No-Code Components

Whether you are onboarding wage, self-employed earners, or your employees with their permission you can view tax return, wage, withholding, and 1099 history. ModernTax covers use cases across mortgage, insurance, small business, and tax services.

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Onboard Users

Onboarding SDKs help you bring new users into your applications with native experiences.

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Analytics and Reports

Analytics and reports help you rapidly view a summary of historical tax data. Use Tax Report Summary to get a snapshot of users’ data to quickly understand their tax return, wage, withholding, and 1099 history.

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Verify Income

Let users have permission access to their tax return, wage, and account balances to approve mortgages, insurance products, small business loans, and more. Use Verify Income to get users’ permission to view their tax data.

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Risk and Underwriting

Simplify tax verification for risk and underwriting teams at banks, insurers, and small business lenders. Provide real-time tax data, and reports on revenue, income, payroll, and wages to make better decisions about business customers and evaluate risk accurately. By doing this, you can stay up-to-date on a business's growth or financial difficulties.

The Status Quo

24 to 48 hours wait times on IRS tax records.

Document uploads that require OCR tools and humans to review data.

Users must e-sign 4506-C request which has a 20% error rate.

A slow end-to-end process with legacy providers.

Expensive transactional pricing per request.

Time limits to request records from the IRS with late requests getting pushed to the next day.


Get tax records in under one minute.

No human in the loop or document uploads required.

No signature request with consumer permission to read and write access.

Use cloud-based dashboard and APIs.

Subscription and usage-based pricing.

24/7 access.

Here are a few industries that benefit from ModernTax

Mortgage Lenders
Financial Data
Small Businesses Lenders
Small Business Credit Agencies
Higher education & student aid providers
Tax Firms & Accountants
Insurance Providers
State and local tax agencies
Health Care Service Providers
FEMA & Disaster relief providers
Government agencies
Immigration agencies
Housing authorities

The fast, secure, accessible tax & financial API

Your company can offer the best financial wellness benefits available because ModernTax makes the entire process of accessing tax and financial records simple for your employees.

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What They Say About Us

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Insurance Industry

It was fairly easy for our underwriters to access tax and income data directly through the ModernTax dashboard and saved us hours on manual reviews of uploaded documents.

Christopher Joseph
SVP of Underwriting, Agency Mortgage Lender

Small Businesses

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James Land
Creative Director

Mortgage Industry

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James Land
Creative Director

Non-bank Small business lender

"We are doing data studies with all the various types of data on consumers and business credit vendors. With ModernTax we access a treasure trove of data on a large amount of US-based businesses that we would not access through any other channel"

Christopher Joseph
Head of Data and Credit, Third largest SMB lender in US

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