The API platform democratizing access to tax records and data

For Financial & Fintech Products

Consumer Tax
Records API Platform

The centralized API to access verified consumer tax records

Real-time data
End-to-end encryption
Verified records
REST API enabled
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For Employers of All Sizes

Employer Insights & Employee Benefits

The tax management platform your employees will love

Employer reporting dashboards
Anonymous insights for employers
API connectivity with financial tools
Taxpayer alerts and notifications
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Use cases of the ModernTax API

Fintech apps

Apps that need to access historical tax data and records for the purposes of providing financial services, payments, and more.


Companies which need to verify income like state healthcare agencies who provide coverage with federal subsidies


Companies which need to access income & tax returns to approve mortgage loans, student loans, and more.

Income verification services

Companies which may need historical IRS data on consumers for employment verification

Accounting & tax professionals

Who need to quickly verify historical tax records to provide future services and services on-demand to customer

Predicting Tax Credits

Applications whose customers want to access their tax data to see how a constantly changing tax code might affect what tax credits they are eligible for.

The fast, secure, accessible tax & financial API

Your company can offer the best financial wellness benefits available because ModernTax makes the entire process of accessing tax and financial records simple for your employees.

ModernTax is your solution to all things tax data

Our team is ready to help your HR department or developers customize your tax data solution

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Customers are loving our Modern Tax API

Kyle Blanchard

Director of Strategy & Innovation

This is a really  important problem for us. And Modern Tax helps us serve taxpayers the better.

Matt Parker

Founder & CEO

With the Modern Tax API I can access 250 data points from the IRS.

Matt Parker

Founder & CEO

With the Modern Tax API I can access 250 data points from the IRS.