Four New Features on ModernTax

August 9, 2021

Over the last quarter we have been listening, working, building, testing, listening, and improving our product (yes a lot of listening). We are excited about what we have built  and are excited to share some detail about four new features:

Invite and delete users
Usage dashboard
No code modal link
Customized Modal

Customized Modal

You told us you wanted the ability to customize the taxpayer experience to reflect your brand. Now, from the settings page you can add a logo, custom header, description, and select text color. Your users experience in ModernTax will now be customizable and consistent with your brand

Invite and delete users

You told us you wanted to be able to collaborate with your coworkers and update your team as it evolves. We heard you and created a place to add users to your team, view your active and pending users and deactivate users. Now you can add coworkers, check that they have accepted the invitations and setup their accounts, and deactivate team members who no longer need access to the platform.

Usage dashboard

You told us you wanted to be able to see how often your clients were using the transcript connector and put that usage in context. We heard you and created a new dashboard page that shows how many users transmitted tax data to you this month and in each of the prior six months. Now you be able to track the value you are getting from transcript connect and to track changes overtime at a glance.

No Code Modal link

You told us that you wanted to be able to easily share a link to the transcript connector with your clients. We heard you and added a button in your modern tax dashboard for easy copy and paste. Now you can click a button, have a link added to your clipboard and email it to your clients in seconds.

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