We enable businesses to access vital tax information to better serve their clients

At Modern Tax, we are building the infrastructure to access vital tax records. Our team works toward a faster, satisfactory, and more accurate end-user experience with financial services. We save consumers time and money as they move to digital-first neobanks, fintech apps, and financial management tools.

Building tools to create financial transparency

Our team began our journey by understanding the consumer tax experience and building an app for taxpayers to access unpaid tax refunds. We then discovered the impact virtual accessibility has on this process and built a marketplace to better connect consumers with tax experts.

Through these projects, we witnessed how the broken tax system can negatively affect consumer payments, tax, lending, and credit opportunities. We recognized new opportunities to help employers and consumers better access their tax records with enhanced refund tracking, payment history, and digitized notices.

Today, we’re focused on providing secure and accurate consumer tax records via API for employers who want to maximize employee wellness, consumers that seek financial literacy, and the developers that are building the next best financial service for the modern-day consumer.

Our Team

Working everyday to build better financial tools

Matt Parker

Founder & CEO

Blake Grewal


Eli Bock

Software Engineer

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