Send tax relevant data to your accountant or tax expert directly from an app

Empower yourself with the ModernTax app by sending your accountant, tax advisor or financial advisor tax relevant data from all your accounts in one click. Never again will you need to upload files to a sharefile or worse yet scan in mail to send to your accountant.

The can’t miss benefits your employees will thank you for

Help employees
set taxes on autopilot
Direct employees
to certified tax experts
Give your employees
a tax peace of mind
Help employees maximize tax credits

What employees are saying about the ModernTax app

Get an anonymized employee chat room where employees and get insights on how ModernTax helps decrease financial stress at major taxable events within employee’s tenure & let certified tax experts answer questions

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Active Users

We are proud to provide our app to so many people.



Our app has been downloaded by more than 10k employees at over 20 enterprises.


Employee adoption

Nearly half of all eligible employees use ModernTax within the first 3 months

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