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In a single year, 151 million tax returns will be filed, 3 million Americans will file amended tax returns, and over 13 million Americans have unpaid tax debt. The IRS holds valuable information about taxpayers, but it is locked behind a lengthy and bureaucratic process that includes filing Forms 2848 and 8821 for tax clients, and then waiting days to weeks for IRS approval. For firms filing prior year returns, addressing tax debts or contesting IRS letters, or filing current returns where the client is unable to locate their prior return, getting this IRS tax information is crucial.


Increase efficiency

Cut down on time spent waiting on or contacting the IRS to access each transcript for your hundreds or thousands of clients.

Improve readability

Built for near instant access to client transcripts, in the format that  you actually want, highlighting the information you actually need.

Increase trust

With a single link click in a web browser, clients are confident that they are securely sharing their transcripts with you and only you

Reduce errors

Start work confident that your work materials come directly from the IRS.

A modern solution for faster bulk transcript access by securely accessing taxpayer IRS e-services accounts.



Increase in the client success rate

Increased the 30% client success rate currently experienced by a desktop application to 50% or higher and sequentially continue to increase the success rate


Decrease in IRS outbound call volume

Decreased the outbound call volume to the IRS for transcript data by 20%. This will save 20% of the hours spent calling and waiting for IRS transcripts via phone.

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