ModernTax combines data from hundreds of sources to provide a comprehensive business tax library on US non-public entities. This helps mitigate risks, retain customers, and identify financial information that is not publicly available.

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Business and Demographic Characteristics

This dataset includes information such as business name, address, tax records, payroll history, corporate registration, and more.

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NO waiting for signed power of attorneys which have a 20% error rate
NO calls to the IRS or SSA, ever
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ModernTax Features

We provide secure authentication and access to vital IRS records online so you can embed the data into your applications and you can provide your customers with better services.


Revenue Signals

This dataset is derived from 7 million U.S. tax records and contains information such as reported revenues, expenses, and federal return data from multiple years.


IRS Record 'Delivery-as-a-service'

Verify income, such as historical wage and investment, Small Business/Self-Employed, and SSA benefits and eligibility records for over 60+ million Americans.


Pre-built SDKs and Components

Utilize components to embed Auth and Record Access in as little as a week.


Financial Health Characteristics

Includes payroll payments, financial statements, years in business, and more.

1120 Series — Business Tax Data

Business Name
Tax Year
Total Income
and more

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