Updated February 23, 2024

Terms & Conditions

1. Tax Record Services

Through our secure platform, ModernTax provides services related to retrieval, analysis and sharing of digital tax records, transcripts and filings from the Internal Revenue Service.  

Services include:

- Automated aggregation of tax data via integration with IRS systems
- Machine learning-based classification and structuring of tax form information  
- Taxpayer identity verification workflows  
- End-to-end taxpayer consent management
- Secure storage infrastructure with access controls
- Tax diligence process automation and tracking
- Delivery of analyzed tax records via API or batch transfers

By using ModernTax, you authorize us to access your tax records for specified years/forms based on your consent permissions. We ensure ethical handling of sensitive personal data.

2. Usage Restrictions  

ModernTax cannot be utilized for any unauthorized or unlawful purpose. You agree not to misrepresent personal information, falsify tax records or fraudulently obtain data.  

By consenting to share tax information, you represent having lawful authority. Any access or use violating applicable regulations is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply can result in legal prosecution.

Summarized tax data provided to third parties will exclude unique identifiers unless explicitly permitted. All private information remains encrypted.  

You have a perpetual responsibility to keep login credentials secure and notify us promptly of any unauthorized account usage.