Direct Carrier Insurance companies can now access tax records instantly.

A modern all-in-one solution that enables the most comprehensive applicant snapshot of IRS records including 1040, 1065, 1120, and other tax forms.

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As Americans acquire more disparate types income it is important for direct carriers to mitigate risk and pricing for products based on insurable income amounts.

At least twenty-five percent of 20-year-olds will become disabled before the age of 67. How will your underwriting process evolve with the growing demand for these products? Currently, access to standardized income and financial data can be done through verified IRS data sources and registered tax professionals by SSN or EIN. Our all-in-one solution helps automate and streamline underwriting policies and claims and supplement other more subjective sources like payroll and bank data.

Why do direct carriers benefit from using ModernTax?

Instant access to government financial data can make accessing your individual and business policies more seamless for your customers. With over 67% of the private sector workforce having no long-term disability insurance you can modernize your underwriting process in weeks with ModernTax to get access to up to 600 data point of tax, financial, and income-related data cutting down closing times by 8 days.


Unlimited underwriting and claims transparency

With accurate and verifiable income and benefits data from the IRS and registered professionals providers can be confident new policy applicants and claimants have correct income reported for all policies and claims.


More online quotes

Providing online quotes means more net new policies. With ModernTax get access to the data needed to provide accurate quotes in minutes not days and close more policies.


Reduced human capital on new policies and claims

Cut down on time spent waiting on documents by 8 days or more with near instant verification by SSN or EIN to tax, financial, and income data and automate parts of the process with ModernTax components.

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Insurance Industry

It was fairly easy for our underwriters to access tax and income data directly through the ModernTax dashboard and saved us hours on manual reviews of uploaded documents.

Christopher Joseph
SVP of Underwriting, Agency Mortgage Lender

Small Businesses

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James Land
Creative Director

Mortgage Industry

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James Land
Creative Director

Insurance Industry

Our disability new claims and new policies are both use cases for ModernTax, we are using the platform to access verified income data on half of our new policies and a third of our new claims.

Belinda Hanes
Head of Underwriting, 5th largest Long Term Disability Insurance Provider

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