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A modern solution that enables the most comprehensive consumer IRS, VA, and SSA income and benefits summaries in an instant and is not subject to agency processing times.

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Mortgage loan

Underwriting your loan volume takes time.

Your non-QM, jumbo loans, and other types of loans may have different underwriting standards, and some need to close faster than others. Borrowers with non-traditional income sources can get left behind. Self-employed business owners, veterans with VA income and benefits, and SSA recipients can all slow down the underwriting process and may even be subject to discriminatory underwriting standards if not given an equal opportunity.

Why Mortgage Companies benefit from using ModernTax

Mortgage companies can speed up approvals by up to seven days by getting third-party verified data with the ModernTax SDK. This allows the debt-to-income reports to be run at a faster rate than the legacy process reducing costs and saving time.


Reduce lending risk

With accurate and verified income and benefits information from the IRS, SSA, and VA, lenders are confident about creditworthiness and borrowers maximize their loan offers.


Accelerate lending timelines

Faster approval timelines mean happier borrowers and happier lenders. Cut down on seven-day and sometimes two-week wait times by waiting on IRS and third-party vendors and get secure data instantly with the consumer’s permission.


Increase efficiency

Cut down on time spent waiting on documents by directly tapping into your client’s verified IRS, SSA, and VA income data.


Increase approvals

Approve loans confidently for borrowers with non-waged-based income.

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